The third PTCA World Congress was a worldclass event!

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After two successfull years with the Congress and speakers like Mats Wilander, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Bob Brett, Jonte Sjögren, Antonio Martinez Cascales and many more, it seemed to take a long time that so many speakers on a worldwide top level will again come together in one conference. So it was even more impressing that Hakan Dahlbo managed to bring Emilio Sanchez, Dr. Ann Quinn and Dr. Mark Kovacs together on one spot, Seefeld/Austria, in the time from December 12th to 16th. The combination of a former top player and now for many years successfull coach, an absolutely top mental coach with a lot of experience in tennis and a worldwide known sportscientist who used to play good tennis by himself, is really worldwide unique in a continuing or any other coach education program. „The special extra in this conference is that the speakers are not just coming for one or two hours and disappear after their lectures, but they stay for several days and give all participants the chance to interact with them as much as they want to“, explains Hakan Dahlbo the speciality of this PTCA event. Offside the lectures and demonstrations on court, social activities like Christmas Party, Casino and as a highlight the Bryan Adams concert in Innsbruck were also part of the program.

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